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A few icons...not even enough to put up a link...

Oct. 31st, 2009 | 10:45 pm
I'm in my: bedroom
I'm feeling: accomplishedaccomplished
I'm listening to: Apple and Cinnamon - Utada Hikaru

So, I made a few icons the other day when I was bored. It was the first time in months and I don't think it turned out so bad...but I will leave the judging up to you guys. Oh, anyone good with coding lj pages? I want to put a header on my journal and can't figure it out:( So any advice/tips would be appreciated:) Anyhoot, I made 2 FT Island icons, one of Choi Jong Hun and one of Lee Hong Ki:) Then there is one of Prince Noctis from FFXIII Versus and a moogle from FFXII:

001 002 003 004

Not much is new. Been working my brains out, so that's unfortunate. Have a new favorite k-drama, You're Beautiful. I find it amusing how much I like that show because I hated Park Shin Hye in Goong S, but now I love her. Shows how good of an actress she is I suppose though. Okay, that's all for now sadly, I am sleepy. Ja.

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